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K O r-4 G 

KONG operates on the 99/4CA) computer in Extended BASIC, utilizing joysticks. It 
requires a good degree o-f timing, planning and experience and increases in 
difficulty as the game progresses. Please take the time to read these 
instructions to assist you in enjoying some of its finer points. Things that at 
first seem difficult will become progressively easier with practice. 

The key to high scores is learning to coordinate the joystick and fire button 
to position KONG for the next move, especially on the screens after the first 
one. KONG MUST be given time to react to your commands and recover from a jump. 


KONG must fight his way to the top of the warehouse to save Roxanne, a damsel in 
distress on the top floor. KONG is hindered by objects hurled at him by the 
villinous Igor. Igor has set a bomb in motion toward Roxanne, so time is 
1 imi t ted. 

Each sucessful rescue is followed an even more challenging configuration, 
variously requiring you to jump KONG over barrels, bombs, discs and missing 
sections of scaffolding. 

Points are scored as each successive level is attained and with each additional 
screen. Extra points are available as explained in the scoring section of these 
instructions. The high score is shown at the end of each game. 


Load and run 
i nstruct i ons. 

KONG as explained in the cassette or disk section of these 

You will first be reminded to place the "alpha-lock" key in the up position (so 
that the joysticks will function in the upward direction). Depress the 
alpha-lock key so that it is in its "up" or "off" position. 

You may then choose the joystick of you choice by pressing the "1" or "2" when 
the music begins. Then "TRIES" will appear at the top of the screen, showing 
that you have six tries to score as many points as you can. Extra TRIES will be 
awarded for each 6699 points that are scored. Each failure will reduce your 
TRIES by one. When all TRIES have been used, the game will end and the h i qh 
score will be shown or updated. 

Hold the joystick to the right to move KONG toward the ladder and use the "fire 
button" on the joystick to jump KONG over the barrels. The joystick and fire 
button may be used simultaneously to cause KONG to jump in the direction of the 
Stick (left or right). When you reach the ladder, KONG may be directed up it by 
using the "up", "up/right", or "up/Wft" position of the stick as might be 
appropriate depending on KONG's position to the ladder. KONG will turn around as 
the "up" stick moves him up the ladder. 

On the second level of some screens there is a hatchet that can be used to chop 
**uay the barrels on that level. It is reached by going toward it and KONG will 
e i t to remove the barrels on that level, scoring extra points. 

Proceed to the top level as -fast as possible, as extra points are awarded -for 
arriving sooner. If KONG is hit by an object OR the bomb reaches Roxanne (on 
the top level), KONG will fall -from the scaf f ol di ng and that try will be over. 
The screen will be reset for another attempt at that screen again (not back to 
the beginning unless you were on the first screen) until all TRIES have been 
used up. 

When you reach Roxanne, another scenerio will be presented, this time requiring 
you to jump over bombs. The bombs are somewhat higher than the barrels of the 
first screen and will require better timing. In addition, you must knock out all 
of the blue sections of the scaffolding TO GET A LADDER TO THE TOP LEVEL. The 
blue sections are knocked out when KONG steps on them, making a hole which KONG 
must JUiP over if he needs to pass that way again. Going up the right-most 
ladder on the lowest level is the key to arriving at the ladder when it 
appears. You will also notice that you must get further up the ladder to avoid 
being touched by the higher bombs. 

Successive screens will present you with other configurations of blue sections 
that must be knocked out and missing sections of scaffolding that must be jumped 
over. Do not forget that positioning and timing is the key to continuous and 
prompt progress. 


28 points for each level attained. 

108 points for each barrel chopped with the hatchet. 

108 points for each blue section knocked out. 

1680 to 2508 points for rescuing Roxanne (adjusted for time 

taken to get to the top). 

Extra TRIES for each 6000 points scored. 


When all TRIES have been used up, the HIGH SCORE for this session will be 
displayed and music will play. Press the fire button to play another game of 
KONG or hold down the FCTN key and press "4" (CLEAR) to terminate play (HIGH 
SCORE will be reset to zero). You may restart KONG by typing RUN and pressing 
ENTER, if you wish. 


Load the cassette version by entering Extended BASIC and using the OLD CS1 and 
RUN commands or RUN "CSi" as explained in your Extended BASIC manual. Begin 
"READING" after the voice announcement of "KONG" and before the tone begins. 


KONG will load and run if the KONG diskette is in the drive when you enter 
Extended BASIC. Otherwise, type RUN "DSK1 .KONG- , then press ENTER. 

'KONG" and these instructions are copyrighted products and may not be reproduced 
in whole or in part without the written permission of: 

Extended Software Company 
11987 Cedarcreek Drive 
Cine i nnat i , OH 45248 
(513) 825-6645